Tee-shirts and Toxins

As Melania Trump, the laconic First Lady of the United States, moved into the White House with her progeny, the headlines were awash with the latest developments. No, it was not the promise of nuclear war. It was but the mesmerising fact that a tee-shirt worn by the youngest of the Trumps, on that fateful…Read more Tee-shirts and Toxins


Some Food for Thought 🐾

Did you know that the natural habitat of toucans, which is primarily tropical rain-forest, is being destroyed at an ever-greater pace? 🙁 These beautiful birds, and their feathered, furry and many-legged compatriots are at risk of losing their homes. In the complicated world of today, it is difficult to find solutions to these problems. For…Read more Some Food for Thought 🐾