An Ode to Luna ⚡

I have been meaning to write a post dripping with love and enthusiasm for a fandom, perhaps the only fandom, that I whole-heartedly embrace and revert back to. And the time is right, for it is indeed #NineteenYearsLater; the bright day that Harry Potter's son makes his journey to Hogwarts for the first time. I…Read more An Ode to Luna ⚡


Judge A Book By Its Cover #NoReally

The glitzy Kandy City Centre (KCC), located in my hometown, had scheduled its annual book fair for this week. Upon the suggestion of one of my best friends, Poornima, I therefore made a quick jaunt to literary land; to look for some blog-worthy style inspiration lying hidden between the essence of fresh-print manuscript.   Poornima…Read more Judge A Book By Its Cover #NoReally