Happily Ever After (Party)! πŸŒŸ

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! I’m sending you the sunniest of happy thoughts your way.

To refresh your memory, I’ve been chronicling the adventures of a beautiful wedding that I was privileged to attend as of last year. And so, continuing from here, will bring us to what happened below.

After a delicious wedding lunch (that had little touches of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine peppered throughout), and some fun photoshoots (with live animals too!), our couple in question make a quick detour to get changed for the after-party.

And in a quirky cultural twist, they opted to wear traditional costumes from both Scotland and Sri Lanka! Sarah is wearing a gorgeous, embellished red sari. In many Asian cultures, the colour red is associated with prosperity and happiness; and is therefore preferred to white for weddings. Cheranga is wearing a cheeky kilt like a true Scotsman. As an emblematic garment of Scotland and Scottish culture, the kilt is worn with much pride amongst the folk of that fair land. ( And if you look closely, you’ll see that their wedding party is similarly be-decked too! )

And what better way to mark their walk from dressing-room to marquee than with some authentic Sri Lankan drummers in front! Drummers are an intrinsic feature of many a Sri Lankan event, and that day was no exception!


Sarah and Cheranga make their way to the marquee to perform another interesting Sri Lankan ritual. An oil lamp in Sri Lanka has many functions, and it was increasingly common in past years to find one in every house. At a wedding; the bride, groom and their family take turns lighting the many wicks placed around the lamp. This is to signify the coming-together of the two families. Also, the cockerel perched proudly on the top could herald the start of a new day, and bright hopes for the future.


And then, it’s time to cut the wedding cake! Do you see the black cat who has pride of place right on the top? And the cheeky screen to the right of the image is a photobooth, where wedding guests were given the opportunity to take the funniest (and downright bizarre) photos and videos for themselves and the wedding couple.

And then it was time for the music to play! The dance floor was soon crowded with everyone doing their most-impressive moves. A highlight was when the DJ dropped the bass, and played some slick baila music. Baila is a music style that is much loved in Sri Lanka. It originates from a fusion of Portuguese and African music, and is infamous for its often nonsensical lyrics.

As the wedding party danced away, the sky outside lit up in the glorious hues of a sublime British sunset. It was the perfect finish to the most spectacular of days, and many among us wished we could do it all over again…


And you certainly can, in you wish! Re-visit the entire series of articles detailing Sarah and Cheranga’s wedding starting from here!

And to finish, the biggest shout-out of thanks to Sarah, Cheranga, family and friends for making this the most unforgettable of days, and a wedding to remember!

Here’s wishing Cheranga and Sarah the happiest of future days, the brightest of memories and the deepest of joys. 🌟🌟🌟







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