Did Someone Say Lunch?

Hello, hello, hello! The last time we were on our adventures, we had just witnessed a beautiful exchanging of the vows ceremony. Now that the happy couple in question were wedded under both State and God, it was time to go home. Just joking, it was time to eat, and then go home!

So, the bunch of guests (who were sweating now, as the sun had miraculously broken out) made a slow shuffle back up the hill to the main stage. A sizzling barbecue serving appetisers was in place, and a cocktail cart had arrived too!


Once guests had had their share of appetisers, they filed their way into the reception marquee. A delicious Sri Lankan buffet was in order, which was to be consumed following a round of toasts to the happy couple and the wedding party.

And there were more surprises to come! Cheranga and Sarah made sure to highlight their love of animals on their special day, and had dutifully organised a petting zoo- with the most creepiest and wildest options on offer! There were more than a few squeals as guests got up close and personal with a boa constrictor, a raccoon, tarantulas and more!


And then it was time for the couple’s first dance. Aww…


And it’s still a glorious day outside… Which is perfect, for the adventures don’t stop here!


See you next week!



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