Preppin’ for a Wedding 🎉

Hello, my lovely readers! I hope you are having a good Monday, and that you will have a fantastic week ahead!

If you are feeling the Monday blues already; fear not, for I come appropriately to the rescue!

Without further ado, I will take you back to a few miraculously sunny days in Wales as of last year, where I saw two beautiful people, who are very dear to me, exchange their vows and get married.

And this was a wedding like no other! You will come to understand why as you read along. Such was the love, dedication and spirit that was put into making the event into an unforgettable occasion, that one blog post cannot suffice in capturing the magic of the day.

And so throughout this month, I will dedicate every coming Monday to detailing a portion of the events that took place, around what could very well have been, the wedding of the century!


July 21, 2016

Every destination wedding starts with one thing- the destination itself! And this was one exquisite place…


                                                            Arriving at Glanusk Estate


                                                                       Glanusk Estate


                                     Glanusk Estate, and a cheeky peek of the Bride-to-Be!

Glanusk estate, situated near Crickhowell, Wales is a masterpiece worthy of any Downton Abbey aficionado. The estate has rich connections with the reigning Royal Family of the United Kingdom; with the current owner being a lady-in-waiting to The Princess Royal, and her daughter having served as the personal nanny to Princes William and Harry. Us plebs were duly impressed!

The estate is massive, with over 400 acres of private parkland and 800 acres of forest. One could spend many a day and week exploring the nooks and crannies that litter the place, walking the forest trails, and just lounging about. It is straight out of an Enid Blyton childhood novel, and perhaps serves as the epitome of that rustic British countryside adventure we all dream of experiencing one day…


And now it’s time to meet our lovely couple, who were the focus of the week’s activities!

My cousin, Cheranga aiya (‘aiya’ means ‘big brother’ in my native tongue), is five years older than me. He is a graduate in Wildlife Biology , who is passionate about all things nature. His fiancée Sarah (and now wife) shares similar interests, and is incredibly gifted with her hands. She can craft, sew, create and bedazzle in ways that will impress any die-hard Etsy fan. Together, they live in a cosy renovated bakery in South Wales, which they share with two majestic and well-behaved felines, of name ‘Fenix’ and ‘Monsieur Licky’.

(Be patient, for lovely photos of them are soon to come… Keep on reading!)


We didn’t have much time to spend lying down, taking in the scenery. For work had to be done, and by that, I mean a LOT of work…

We arrived on the estate on a Thursday, and Saturday was to be the wedding. In the space of that time, we had to clean, organise, arrange, lay out and plan; and deal with all the inevitable setbacks that could occur, in record time!

The wedding was to consist of three parts. A simple registration ceremony would take place in the estate’s glasshouse. This would be followed by a longer exchanging of the vows ceremony in the private chapel located to the south of the grounds. And last but not least, the day’s festivities would conclude with a luncheon and after-party that would go into the twilight hours!


So let’s get down to business…


Glasshouse Glory

The glasshouse that was to conduct the first part of the day’s events had to be cleaned, decorated and bedazzled. The wall to the right of the image was to be covered in a beautiful photo wall, with images of the couple’s adventures, and the fun times that they had spent with friends and family.



                                                               Individual Place Markers 


                  The Brides’s shoes- no really! Putting a whole new spin onto ‘kitten-heels!’ 

The Bride and Groom’s preferred colour scheme was a combination of beautiful light blue and zebra-print. These motifs would be repeated throughout the event; popping up everywhere from party favours to the actual outfits worn by the wedding squad.


The chapel that was to honour the vow-exchanging ceremony had to undergo a similar transformation. My cousin is an Anglican, and a family friend (and ordained Minister) was to conduct their simple, yet heartfelt ceremony.


Avi (my other cousin, and Cheranga’s younger brother) , is fixing up a floral arch that the couple will walk through when entering the Chapel. 


He is being helped here by Ruweki akki (‘akki’ means ‘big sister’ in my native language) … who lives in Australia! She flew all the way over to the UK, with her family, for the wedding too! 


Sarah’s favourite flowers are sunflowers; and here they are, in all their sunny glory…

Stay tuned for more photos of the rest of the family!


The luncheon that was to be the final step, was to take place in a marquee. Friends and family (and thesmilingtoucan himself) spent a lot of time here, putting everything into place…


                                                        Working hard or hardly working? 😀


She’s no Bridezilla- she’s our very-own Zebrazilla! Share in Sarah’s spirit in this similar, zebra-print tee from Etsy




And that concludes the first post in this delightful series, my toucan-lovin’ readers! Stay tuned for the next chapter, which is all about glasshouses and Scottish glens… Sounds thrilling? It sure is!

(To learn more about beautiful Wales, why not head over here…?)



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