Judge A Book By Its Cover #NoReally

The glitzy Kandy City Centre (KCC), located in my hometown, had scheduled its annual book fair for this week. Upon the suggestion of one of my best friends, Poornima, I therefore made a quick jaunt to literary land; to look for some blog-worthy style inspiration lying hidden between the essence of fresh-print manuscript.  

Poornima and I agreed to do our very-first collaborative blog post together! For more delicious advice on where we thought the best bargains for bamboozled bibliophiles were: look no further than here.

Bringing your attention back to some of the books on display…


Poornima highly recommended this beautifully-designed book by Cecelia Ahern:

Teaser Summary: Jasmine, the protagonist of the story, is fiercely protective of her vulnerable sister. After losing her job, and in the tumultous weeks that follow, she is drawn to her neighbour, with whom she shares a mutual dislike. But things start to change and unravel in complicated but sweet style…

Sample Quote: “I always thought that being helped was a loss of control, but you must allow someone to help you, you must want someone to help you, and only then can the act begin.” (Courtesy of Goodreads.com)

Style Inspiration: The bold yellow and standout teal of the book cover shouts summer in all its sunny glory! Bring back memories of a Mediterranean vacation in a pair of jogger-meets-capri pants from Amazon. Pair with a classic sunflower polo shirt, and with a mojito in hand, you’ll be a sight for sore eyes!


A few books down, another funky cover caught my eye:


Teaser Summary: Don’t be fooled by the lush cover, and think that this novel is set in India. Far from it, it is actually a historical romp into the Roman Empire, with themes of fraternity, friendship and persevering against all odds… I might give away more… but (tiger) got your tongue?

Sample Quote: ”Her heart was throbbing behind her ribs. A real, live tiger? But that was impossible! Of all the beasts brought from far-off countries the tiger was the most formidable. There could be no one bold enough to introduce one into Caesar’s palace!” (Courtesy of Amazon.com)

Style Inspiration: Bring a bounty of evergreen foliage into your wardrobe with this vintage 70s -inspired blouse from etsy. Keep it cool in a pair of white capris from Amazon. Finally, don’t forget your fierceness. Drop in a subtle hint that you aren’t about playing around in this Tibetan silver, tiger charm necklace from etsy. Go forth with a roar!


And finally, come with me as we visit a time-honoured and much-loved classic of our childhood…


Teaser Summary: A heartwarming tale of family, friendship, faith and healing; Heidi is amongst the best-loved and widely-read children’s books worldwide, and is considered to be a staple of Swiss literature.

Sample Quote: β€œI’ll always say my prayers…and if God doesn’t answer them at once I shall know it’s because He’s planning something better for me.”  (Courtesy of Goodreads.com)

Style Inspiration: What best way to honour Heidi’s spirit than celebrating her vivaciousness in a pair of sturdy hiking shoes; as you run across alpine meadows, jump into wooded glens and chase sheep with all your glee!? Bring memories of Peter and Clara with you too, in this precious and quirky neck-chain from etsy.


So that’s it my lovely little bibliophiles! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. A special vote of thanks to my friend Poornima for spending the day with me yesterday: and make sure you read her blog at explorewithpoornima.com and follow her on Instagram too!

I look forward to seeing your insights and comments on this article and more! Many thanks, take care, and enjoy a fabulous Friday and weekend!



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