We Were Roses


The inspiration for this blog post comes from a beautiful demo track by US-based country singer Kelsea Ballerini, in which she references the eponymous bloom and its timeless qualities.

Drawing inspiration from the above, it is time for us gents and ladies to consider some stylish (and affordable) additions into our wardrobes.


🌹 Wipe the love of your life off their feet in this scarlet, rose-patterned button-down from etsy. Taylor Swift song not included!

🌹 Pair a sheer black shirt from Amazon with an oversized white tank top from the same site. Bring the floral element in with a patterned headband  from ebay. For some added oomph, swap for a gorgeous flower crown that will put your Snapchat filter to shame!

🌹 Get your rosy swag on in this pair of unisex joggers, again from Amazon. With such a bold statement down under, it is best to keep the top a bit understated. Try a black slogan tee from California-based brand Marco Marco.

🌹 And if you’re feeling less adventurous; do a Gucci/Givenchy (but without making your budget lose its petals), and consider investing in some beautiful rose-patterned sneakers!

🌹 Finally, for those whom roses don’t really cut it (watch out for those thorns!); melt your heart out in these cute patterned socks from Amazon! As a wise man once said, a stodgy dress-code doesn’t mean you can’t wear funky socks!


And now I’d like to hear from you! Do you own any rose-inspired clothing in your own wardrobe. Leave a comment for me below- and even add a photo if you can!

Peace out,



Featured Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com


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