For the Lorde loved me, and I was whole.

To quote Shakespeare, I am deceased.

Melodrama, melodrama, melodrama is a beautifully-executed pop masterpiece that shatters the millennial zeitgeist to fully exemplify our twenties: from the chaos of the early years, the groaning responsibility towards the middle, and the promised peace of the laters.

I cannot do justice by putting the sublimeness of Lorde into words. Listen to the album. Savour a moment, as it passes into the ever-disappearing lights of our horizons.

In the Grant Singer-directed video for the album’s debut and lead single; ‘Green Light’; Lorde stuns and electrifies; dancing erratically, in a neon-light flashing club and (im) probably atop a taxicab roof. The sole outfit she wears in the video is a vintage, fuchsia, wrap-dress by Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo paired with two trendy Adidas Superstars trainers.

She killed it, as always.

© Copyright June 2017

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