We Need To Talk Business…

Hi all,

Drumroll please….

As you may know now, I have decided to take thesmilingtoucan one step further, and have developed an etsy site. This site features hand-made, toucan-inspired apparel at affordable prices.

hard work.jpg

My talented, talented friend; an autodidact to boot; helps me in designing the items for sale. You can follow her on Instagram at _puddin_n_harley/ and also thesmilingtoucan himself!

wordpress startup.jpg

Finally, don’t forget thesmilingtoucan’s official Facebook page at thesmilingtoucan and follow me on Tumblr for poetic inspiration and more lols.

Have a wonderful day!

Many squawks of thanks,



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2 thoughts on “We Need To Talk Business…

    • Aww thank you! 😊 Etsy and e-commerce is a ridiculously competitive arena πŸ˜” What I like about the whole process is doing the writing for the product catalogues, posting interesting insights into our social media platforms and so on… Guess I am more of a writer than a businessperson! ☺

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