A Rainy Pool Date


I made some tentative plans to catch up with some friends at an exclusive hotel overlooking picturesque and historic Kandy.

Titled The Grand Kandyan hotel, this establishment is a homage to Versailles-era gaudiness. The hotel, however,  is incredibly popular as a destination for weddings and other events. And need I mention the gorgeous roof-side pool with sublime  views of mist-soaked hills?



For the occasion, I slipped into a pair of swim-shorts (Adidas) in coffee-cream brown. This was complemented with an oversize pink sleeveless shirt (H&M). I added my trusty snapback (Nike), and kept my feet warm in my usual flip flops (Glitz). As a slight chill was in the air, I slipped on a denim jacket (holmes@co) for that all-too precious warmth.


Anyways, my friends couldn’t sadly make it that day, but I thought I might as well go ahead, as I was determined to see the hotel. A quick change, and I made a big splash!

Brr, the water was chilly! The pool itself was deserted save for some European tourists, who faced with any temperature above 10 degrees Celsius, thought the weather was lovely!


Anyways, I enjoyed several laps back and forth. Following that, it was a quick shower and change. I slipped into a white tee (Jockey), and a trusty headband (Cotton Collection). Comfortable black jeans (Levis) completed the look.


Featured photos are copyright of thesmilingtoucan.

© Copyright June 2017

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