My Gorgeous Twenty-Second Birthday


I know thisΒ might seem like a big chronological leap, but I celebrated 22 years of my existence on Planet Earth today. And no party is complete without a fashionista’sΒ meticulously-planned outfits, and my day was no exception.

I swiftly changed into a gorgeous, gorgeous, fern and black-light inspired shirt from @D-Blak. The neon-bright splashes of colour against black is reminiscent of the ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ video from Calvin Harris starring my all-time favourite modelling girl, Gigi Hadid. I completed my look with a black fedora courtesy of @Primark, a beaded necklace also from @D-Blak, a pair of extra skinny black @Levis, and my trusty pair of scarlet Singing Fish flip flops.

All in all, it was a fabulous day! I shopped for a new laptop (as my old one is busted) and was able to get one on a good discount. I added two new travel guides into my repertoire of books to pursue, and added some more cute outfits into my collection. Finally, I had the privilege of celebrating a special day with an even-more special family who are always ready to embrace me with all of their hearts, as well as a close friend who tirelessly baked me a cake with her own hands.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

And I will see you soon!

Peace out,


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Β© Copyright June 2017

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