FSH1001: Introduction to Fashion

My name is Dilshan Senaratne and I am a 22 year-old based in beautiful Kandy, Sri Lanka.

The story behind the intriguing title of my blog, comes about by a long sequence of events. A (fairly) cutting remark by my landlord, who commented that I was dressing shoddily to work (ho hum), pushed me to devote an entire day of my schedule to shopping and replenishing my wardrobe. Along the way, I picked up this absolutely adorable white tee from Odel, which featured on it; you guessed it, toucans.

Now Sri Lanka, despite its abundance of tropical fauna, does not really possess toucans. That privilege, I believe, is reserved to the more balmy corners of South America, where inspired by the Rovio mobile game Angry Birds, toucans are feeling the brunt of human anthropomorphism.

Sri Lanka does, however, possess a close relative to toucans; called hornbills; and one species of this ungainly bird is even native to my fair land.

So why all this bird talk? Well, let me take you back to the third year of my university degree. A badly-timed dissertation in Psychology had imploded spectacularly, and I was left with the dregs of a good chunk of my undergraduate course requirement en retard (as the French say).

Luckily for me; my French tutor,  a veritable saint in her past life, acquiesced to me following a dissertation in French, and I was swiftly able to change track. After some brainstorming, and some dreadful discarding of ideas (writing about the socio-linguistics behind Cornish and Breton might seem fun- or not…) , I closed my eyes and … fashion popped into my brain.

Yes, fashion! I had always harboured a liking towards flicking through copies of Vogue, oohing and aahing at the sublime creations on runaways, and following the occasional millennial model on Instagram.

And so I wrote my thesis on fashion; on the Positives and Negatives of the French and British Fashion Industries in the Twenty-First Century to be specific (with a focus on the economic, educational, social and cultural implications of said industries; to be more specific). Or: L’industrie de la mode contemporaine française et anglaise: Les côtés positfs et négatifs (to be French).

Needless to say, I got an A on my dissertation: yaay! And following my graduation, I would move back to Sri Lanka (I did my undergrad degree in the U.K.); and find work as a corporate writer in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

But fashion, style, art and so much more were always at the back of mind. Until one day; I decided to take the initiative; and thesmilingtoucan was born!

In conclusion, I really hope you enjoy reading my posts, flicking through the featured photos and contributing your insights and comments to my articles; as much as I enjoy crafting such content.

Have a wonderful day,



© Copyright June 2017

The insights discussed above may be utilised, adapted or built upon for personal, academic or commercial purposes provided that due credit is given to thesmilingtoucan as the originator of the work.

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